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Nc Courage Player Companion Horiz

Professional Women's Soccer Team, the NC Courage, Talks Confidence in Cotton

Professional Women's Soccer Team, the NC Courage, Talks Confidence in Cotton

Being a woman in the world of professional sports can be daunting, so it helps to have a lot of courage. “North Carolina Courage,” to be exact.

A National Women’s Soccer League team based in Cary, North Carolina, the NC Courage are from the same city as Cotton Incorporated’s headquarters. As part of the same town as the Cotton family, the fearless women of the NC Courage have done our community proud: they’re currently ranked #1 in the NWSL 2018 season, and they won the 2017 NWSL Shield (the regular season title) in their inaugural year. Most impressive of all, several NC Courage players were rostered for the U.S. Women’s National Team.

Based on the stats, it’s safe to say these women have courage and skill to spare. We’ve partnered with them this season to showcase their performance on the field, but also to get to know more about how they maintain a sense of confidence in their daily lives. These women know that what you wear can have a big effect on your self-assurance. When you feel comfortable, you also feel confident.

We encouraged the women of the NC Courage team to interview each other about how wearing cotton clothes keeps them confident. Watch their funny, insightful, and interesting answers in these videos:

Getting to know NC Courage also means getting to know cotton. For example, did you know that cotton is the comfiest athleisure fiber, and that it breathes better during a workout than synthetics? Cotton also washes cleaner than polyester, so your active or athleisure wardrobe won’t keep smelling even after laundry day. No matter where life takes you, cotton has your back, so you can focus more on your goals and less on your clothes.

Now that you’ve gotten to know the women of the NC Courage team a little better, come see them in action in Cary, North Carolina, or you can watch the team online through the Go90 app.

Also, on September 8, Cotton Incorporated is hosting a denim drive for our Blue Jeans Go Green™ denim recycling program during the NC Courage game. If you’re our neighbors as well, bring your pieces of old denim to be upcycled into housing insulation! Read more about this program here, and get involved to better our community and our world.



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