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Pampers® Pure Diapers & Wipes, Made With Pure Cotton

Pampers® Pure Diapers & Wipes, Made With Pure Cotton

When Sara Giovanni had twin girls, she realized an uncomfortable truth: she couldn’t find a diaper and wipe option for her daughters that had everything she was looking for in one complete package. She was craving a diaper and wipe that delivered on performance and protection, but was also reflective of her shift towards more naturally-inspired products. Sara, a scientist at Pampers, was uniquely equipped to spearhead changes in her industry. She made it her mission to help create a diaper that was made with premium cotton, protected against leaks, and looked cute.

The result is Pampers Pure, a new collection of diapers and wipes made with the Pampers protection parents know and trust, and crafted to include plant-derived, dermatologically-tested materials. One of these stellar materials is cotton.

Pampers Pure Protection Diapers have a cotton enhanced™ outer cover, which includes premium cotton, making it both soft and hypoallergenic. The cotton is sourced responsibly and grown right here in the United States. Pampers Pure Protection diapers are also made without chlorine bleaching, fragrance, parabens, natural rubber latex, or 26 other allergens identified by the European Union.

Pampers Aqua Pure Wipes are made with carefully-selected ingredients, including 99% pure water and a touch of premium cotton.

Not only is cotton natural, but it can deliver benefits other fibers and materials simply can’t. Cotton is stronger when wet than other fibers; It’s over three times stronger than pulp and 1.3 times stronger than rayon. It’s also highly absorbent: it can absorb 24 grams of water per gram of fiber. Those are definitely qualities you’ll want in your babies’ diapers! Look for the cotton enhanced logo on this product and know that cotton has your back.

We know that all parents want the best for their children, products that are free of chemicals and harsh irritants, products that will nurture a child just as their parents would. Pampers knew they could rely on cotton to deliver on this promise to parents everywhere.

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