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Mother, Designer, Entrepreneur: Meet Carolina Feinstein of Caro Home

Mother, Designer, Entrepreneur: Meet Carolina Feinstein of Caro Home

If you aren't already a Caro Home shopper, read on at your own risk. The collection is fresh, upbeat and you're sure to get inspired after exploring these designs. We recently caught up with the woman behind it all: Carolina Feinstein.

When and why did you start your company?

I started my company in 2012, right after coming back from maternity leave. I have twins, Thomas and Camila, and they were my motivation to start my own business, as I needed more flexibility and a better quality of life.

I was a firm believer that in the right work environment I was going to be able to combine my creative work and motherhood.

I like to say that my job title is “Mom and Designer.”

What inspires your designs?

I get inspiration from various places, from architecture and art to fashion. I’m always looking at my surroundings and I find textures in the most unusual places.

How has cotton played a major role in your designs?

I’m a big fan of cotton, especially when we are talking about products that touch the body. I think it is important to use the best products, and cotton is the fiber of choice.

What piece (in any collection) is your favorite?

I honestly can’t pick one -- I love our products and designs -- but since I’m a mother I have a weakness for our Caro Kids line. I designed our collection to cater to all the moms out there that want good product quality and appealing designs for their families. Our color palette is very soothing and the quality of our products is outstanding.

Why did you decide to start Caro Kids?

I decided to start Caro Kids when I had my twins, and I couldn’t find products that I wanted to have in my house. From quality to design, what was available was not up to my standards, or was aesthetically super busy or too bright for my tastes.

At Caro Home, we use the best cotton and we manufacture in the best factories in the world. We pay special attention to detail and I always have my kids in mind.

I personally test all the products, from quality to functionality.

Who are your design icons?

I admire different people for different reasons: Tory Burch for the business she built and her aesthetic, Ralph Lauren for the consistency in his brand throughout all his product categories, Eva Zeisel for her amazing work, Coco Chanel for being a forward thinker and a great talent, and Missoni for their brilliant wovens.

What is your style motto?

My style is “eclectic.” I like to mix different styles. I am constantly evolving, so I don’t like to be locked in to one particular style.

What made you interested in designing for the home?

Since I was a little kid, I was exposed to design through my father, who was an architect. I loved going to his office and “working” with him. He used to give me interiors magazines and catalogs so I could help pick materials for his projects -- my favorite was picking out bathroom tiles and then designing how they were going to be installed. Today, our core business is products for the bathroom: towels, shower curtains, rugs, and bath accessories.

What’s next for your brand/company?

We have plans to continue our growth in other home product categories. We want to be the destination for high-quality designs for the entire home.



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