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Lola Tampons

Lola Tampons

When it comes to that special “time of the month,” as it’s so eloquently called, there simply isn’t too much you can do to make yourself feel better. It’s both a blessing and a curse that women are destined to spend one week a month in pain for half their adult lives. So a little Advil might calm your gut wrenching cramps while Midol lessens your bloat, but at the end of the day, a woman’s menstrual cycle just isn’t very fabulous.

While we ladies must live with the fact that this natural phenomenon is unescapable, it doesn’t mean we can’t ensure a safer, more comfortable experience in the process.

Enter, LOLA.

This life altering tampon company is changing the way we look at feminine products. Founders Jordana Kier and Alex Friedman began with the idea to create a tampon subscription service that is as natural as it is convenient. When they started their research on the average tampon, these entrepreneurial girls discovered nobody actually knows what our drugstore buys are made of – not to mention they aren’t even FDA regulated. This means you may be using tampons that consist of synthetic preservatives and harmful dyes or fragrances.

This led Jordana and Alex on a mission to create a 100% cotton tampon with no additional additives whatsoever, making these tampons the safest product on the market for preventing TSS. Their BPA-free applicators ensure a breathable and soft fit. As if that isn’t reason enough to jump aboard the subscription service bandwagon, the marketing on this product is extremely fashion-forward (with no mention of the tampons that wait inside). You can also mix and match your batch to create a box that is tailored to your specific cycle.

So thank you Jordana and Alex for creating a comfortable tampon by the women, for the women! We’re very impressed.

Sign-up here! You should really give these bad boys a go.



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