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Reimagining The Fabric of Our Lives with Carnie Wilson

Cotton Contributor

Cotton Contributor
April 12, 2021

Reimagining The Fabric of Our Lives with Carnie Wilson

If you’re new here or if you’re a longtime fan, you probably know that cotton is The Fabric of Our Lives for so many reasons. It’s soft, durable, natural, comfortable, and stylish. Cotton is your favorite swingy spring dress and your oldest pair of sweatpants. It’s your crisp sheets and your fuzzy bath towels. It’s always here for you.

We’re continuing to celebrate cotton’s relevance in our lives with a new advertising campaign that places personal stories of indispensable cotton items in the forefront, highlighting how they make us feel. We know that comfort goes beyond the clothes that you wear, but we also know that clothes have the power to make us feel confident, self-assured, comforted, or strong. Cotton can make you feel all those things.

Whether it’s a power blazer for Zoom meetings, a new outfit on a first date, the old tee you’ve passed on to your kids, or a flannel shirt that lets you channel your outdoorsy self, the versatility and strength of cotton brings something special to your favorite clothes. Soft, natural, easy to clean, gentle on skin—these reasons are why cotton garments end up being our favorites for so long.

Each of these stories is brought to life with a personalized The Fabric of Our Lives® jingle that’s as fun and fresh as the clothes we feature. And they’re sung by the inimitable Carnie Wilson, who gives us a fresh perspective on a classic song.

Check out the stories or visit our Shop section to snag your new favorite.

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