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Spotlighting Worldwide Cotton Sustainability Progress

Lisa Lo Paro

Lisa Lo Paro
October 7, 2021

Spotlighting Worldwide Cotton Sustainability Progress

Cotton. The word calls to mind a fluffy fiber, perhaps in the form of the cotton balls you use in your skincare routine. Maybe it reminds you of your favorite pajamas, or the feel of crisp sheets on a breezy spring morning. Or it can even mean an eyelet dress, the one you’ve worn for years—the one that still makes you feel confident and elegant.

Cotton is the humble fiber that can mean so many things, and that’s why we have always called it “The Fabric of Our Lives.” And elsewhere in the world, cotton means all these things—and more.

Globally, the cotton industry is committed to several tenets that drive the whole industry forward.

  • We believe in providing a means of sustainable and decent employment throughout the world.
  • We believe in sustainability, and in keeping our oceans free from microplastic pollution.
  • We believe in responsible production that results in improved efficiency and in the elimination of waste.
  • And we believe in cotton’s sustainable future.

We also believe in the ineffable feeling that cotton gives us, and it’s this feeling—one of comfort and strength—that we’re also spotlighting, as well as new tools and technology that pave the way for a sustainable future not only for cotton, but for the planet. Did you know these cotton facts?

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The thread that runs through all these facts is the importance of cotton around the world. Celebrate the versatility of cotton by wearing your favorite cotton garment.

While you’re here, learn more about cotton’s benefits in your life or shop similar items in our Shop Cotton section.

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