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How to remove underarm stains

How to remove yellow underarm stains

Ever get yellow discoloration from sweat on your favorite t-shirts? When aluminum in your deodorant mingles with your natural perspiration, it can cause ugly yellow spots. Here are our easy-to-follow tips to remove yellow underarm stains from your favorite cotton clothes. You can also prevent yellow armpit discoloration by using aluminum-free deodorant.

| What you need to treat yellow underarm stains

  • Vinegar or Hydrogen Peroxide mixed with water in equal parts
  • Enzyme-based liquid detergent or pretreatment stain remover

| Steps

1. Rinse

Rinse stains for 15 seconds with cool water to dilute trapped salts and acids.

2. Treat

Soak the garment in the vinegar or hydrogen peroxide solution, or else spray the solution onto the stains generously. You may want to wear protective gloves. Let the solution soak into the garment for 10 minutes.

3. Launder as usual

Launder as usual with hot water, according to the garment’s care instructions. The hot water should dissolve any remaining discoloration.



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