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Announcing New! Recycled Cotton Collection at Vera Bradley

Introducing Cotton ReImagined.

M21 Lanitra Utility Sm Crossbody 134rec
Katie Scott

Essential Collections

Katie Scott

Imagine the softness, ease of care, and comfort you already love about cotton, and now imagine it reinvented by the iconic brand, Vera Bradley. Introducing Cotton ReImagined, a brand new collection of bags, backpacks, lunch bags, and more -- all made with 50% recycled cotton and 50% conventional cotton. These eco-conscious Vera Bradley styles make a splash in bright cotton solids (another first for Vera Bradley!)

Pair the Utility Sling Backpack in Citronella Glow with the Lunch Bunch bag in Desert Flower Pink and say hello to happiness and a great day ahead. Walk with some extra pep in your step knowing that by choosing products made with natural and recycled cotton, you’re doing good (and looking so good!)

Shop the new Recycled Cotton collection here, or at

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Introducing Cotton ReImagined

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