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Madilyn Bailey x The Fabric of Our Lives

Reimagining the iconic The Fabric of Our Lives jingle.

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Madilyn Bailey

Essential Collections

Madilyn Bailey

Ever loved something so much that you couldn’t help but sing about it? Same. That’s why I’m excited to share some of my favorite cotton clothing items that I couldn’t help but sing about. ICYMI, I asked my fans on TikTok to share the stories of their favorite, indispensable cotton items as a way of reimagining the iconic The Fabric of Our Lives jingle, and then I wrote songs about them!

It turns out we all have that one cotton outfit or clothing item that has a memory tied to it or that makes us feel like the best version of ourselves. Out of the many comments my followers left describing their cotton faves, I picked four to write songs about: a sunny sunflower dress, a stolen sweatshirt from a brother, an optimistic rainbow shirt, and my very own cat t-shirt passed down from my Grandma.

Cotton is truly the fabric of every one of our lives. It not only offers physical comfort (hello cozy) but it also provides emotional comfort because cotton clothing authentically expresses who we are. When you look good and feel good – it’s all good! This project was so fun to work on because it let people share how cotton is the fabric of their lives-- and I think that’s something to sing about.

I put together a collection of cotton clothing items inspired by my original songs. Shop them below and check out my TikTok to learn more.

| Sunny Sundresses

The fabric of your sunshine life.

| Rainbow Tees

The fabric of your colorful life.

| Sweatshirts

The fabric of your huggable life.

| Novelty Animal Tees

The fabric of your animal loving life.

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