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FALLing for Cotton

Fill your Fall wardrobe with versatile cotton.

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Katie Scott

Seasonal Collections

Katie Scott

It’s that time of year. The leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping – we are switching from iced coffee to hot lattes, and from crop tops to cozy long sleeves. From season to season, our looks may change but one thing remains – and that is cotton’s versatility. Swap your cotton gingham and poplin for flannel, fleece, and denim jeans. Thanks to cotton’s varying fabric weights and consistent breathability, you can choose the perfect fabric to keep you as warm or cool as you need through autumn’s changing temps. With a range of color and trend options, you can adorn yourself in the hues of the season’s FALLing leaves. Ready to build up your fall wardrobe? Shop the cotton looks below.

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Adorn yourself in the hues of the season.

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