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For buttoned-up days in the office or casual weekend wear, we’ve got something for every man.

Urban Outfitters

Elf Sweater



Men's Holiday Sweater


LCM Home Fashions

The "Guests Arrived While I Was Still Showering" Terry Bathrobe


Polo Ralph Lauren

The "Granny Thinks My Foot Is Her Boyfriend’s Foot" Argyle Socks



The "Yes, I’m 44 and Still Single, Thanks for Asking" Sweatpants



The "I Didn’t Know My Ex-wife Was Going to Turn up for This" T-shirt


J. Crew

The "What Do You Mean We're Doing Gifts?" Stripe Sweater



The "I Didn't Know Formal Attire Was Required" Ugly Sweater



The "I'm 36 and Still Seated at the Kid’s Table” Oxford Shirt


Unsimply Stitched

The "My Dad’s Girlfriend is Younger Than Me" Argyle Socks



The "No, It’s an Unpaid Position" Corduroy Blazer


Banana Republic

The "Looks Like We’re Discussing Politics" Red Chinos


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