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April Showers call for … cotton.

These fabric technologies have got you covered.

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Katie Scott

Seasonal Collections

Katie Scott

With unpredictable April weather (like rain showers and sporadic temperatures), you’ll need strong wardrobe pieces that can handle it all. With blooming flowers and sunshine enticing everyone outdoors, it’s important to dress in durable cotton pieces that can remain tough and sweat-resistant while you’re running around playing sports or waterproof when the rain comes down. Did you know that Cotton develops fabric technologies like STORM COTTON™ finish, TOUGH COTTON™ finish, and TransDRY® finish? These cotton fabrics elevate the natural fiber you know and love and make it so that your outfits can stand up to the elements.

STORM COTTON™ apparel is designed to repel moisture and protect you from rain and snow. It’s made with a durable water repellent (DWR) finish to help keep you comfortable, cool, and dry.

TOUGH COTTON™ apparel offers enhanced durability, abrasion resistance, and wrinkle resistance. This treatment helps garments maintain strength and colorfastness through daily wear and tear.

TransDRY® cotton apparel is made with water repellent yarns to help sweat dry faster and keep your body temperature cooler. The moisture-wicking performance technology combined with the comfort of cotton makes this an excellent choice for activewear.

We love fashion and function! Shop the Cotton technology adoptions, below.


Designed to repel moisture and protect you from rain and snow.


For enhanced durability, abrasion resistance, and wrinkle resistance.

| TransDRY® Finish

Helps sweat dry faster and keeps your body temperature cooler.

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