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Beauty & Feminine Care with Cotton

The benefits of cotton go beyond clothing and textiles.

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You may already know the benefits of cotton clothing and things like sheets and towels, but did you know that cotton can be found in other essentials like skincare and feminine hygiene products?

Cotton has found its way into popular skincare brands, and with good reason. Cotton extract and cottonseed oil carry many skincare benefits. These ingredients contain vitamin E, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids, all of which reduce inflammation, soothe skin, moisturize, and fight free radicals.

And then there's feminine hygiene products like our tampons and pads. These essential items are usually not made with cotton unless it's stated. They're usually made with synthetic fibers of unknown origin. If you care about what you put on your body, shouldn’t you also care what goes in it? To ensure you know what's in these essential items, opt for 100% cotton tampons and pads.

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| 100% Cotton Feminine Hygiene

Know what's in your tampons and pads. It's soft and natural cotton.

| Cotton-Infused Beauty Products

Cotton isn't just for swabs and face pads, but is an active ingredient in these soothing products.

| Self-Care with Cotton

Stock up on the essentials: cotton tips, cotton pads, and both reusable and single-use cotton face wipes.

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