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The Fabric of Our Empowered Lives

Cotton that makes you feel unstoppably sexy.

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Katie Scott

Essential Collections

Katie Scott

Cotton is and always has been The Fabric of Our Lives. We’re celebrating cotton’s continued relevance with our new advertising campaign, which places personal stories of indispensable cotton items at the forefront, highlighting how they make us feel through self-expression. Each of these stories is brought to life with a personalized The Fabric of Our Lives® jingle that’s as fun and fresh as the clothes we feature.

Here we have Rita strutting her stuff in 'The Fabric of Our Empowered Lives', comprised of cotton that makes you feel unstoppably sexy. This collection is all about turning heads... not just because of the clothes but because of how the clothes make you feel—impossibly confident, bold, and beautiful.

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Cotton looks that make you feel unstoppably sexy.

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