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Back to School (College Edition)

Score an A+ in Fashion with Cotton

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Katie Scott

Seasonal Collections

Katie Scott

Welcome back, students! It’s been a long time coming. The best way to embrace being back to class IRL is showing up in comfy, cute cotton outfits that will set you up for success this semester. With a range of cozy *roll out of bed to your 10am class* looks, to fashion-first *meet your new best friends* on campus looks – you can do it all in cotton.

Not only is cotton apparel versatile and trendy, but it also is durable and will stand up strong through wear, tear, and old residence hall washing machines. Score an A+ in fashion – shop the looks, below!

| Women

Make a statement on campus in comfy, cute cotton outfits.

| Men

Set yourself up for success this semester with cotton.

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