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Our job is to make sure cotton remains the most comfortable, durable, easy-to-care-for fabric, and to remind you of all of the reasons why it’s the fabric of your life. 

About Us Who

Who We Are

Cotton Incorporated was founded in 1970 to support U.S. cotton farmers and importers in the research, development, and promotion of cotton. 

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What We Do: Cotton Innovations

We work to make cotton the best it can be through research, product innovations like wrinkle- and stain-free cotton, and sustainable advancements like finding new uses for cotton.

About Us Cotton Marketing

What We Do: Marketing

We make sure you know about all of cotton’s amazing benefits through programs like #CoolerinCotton, the Blue Jeans Go Green™ denim-recycling program, retail and influencer partnerships.

About Us Why

Why We Do It

It matters what’s in the textiles you buy. The quality of your clothing depends on it. It’s our job to remind you that there’s no substitute for cotton, and to make sure you always check the label.

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Visit our sister site, Cotton Latino, for more style tips, cotton benefits, DIY projects, and more. 

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