DIY Yarn Tent

This week, we create a colorful tent that will put a giant grin on any child’s face. After testing the market, we’re happy to report we succeeded in our goal! Added touches of cotton yarn pom-poms really take the cuteness factor to a whole new level. Our kid-tester, Miss Emerson, gives it a huge smile and two enthusiastic thumbs up. Keep reading for steps and supplies…

DIY Yarn Tent Hero

What you need


What you need

  • Cotton Yarn
  • Drill
  • Fabric Glue
  • Scissors
  • (3) Yards of Cotton Jersey Stretch Fabric
  • (4) Pieces of 5' x 1.5" Wood
  • (3) 4' Dowels
  • 4' Wood Screws

Let's Get Started

DIY Yarn Tent 01

Step 1

Gather all materials.

DIY Yarn Tent 02

Step 2

First, tie on your first piece of yarn and then start wrapping it around the wood.

DIY Yarn Tent 03

Step 3

To switch colors, tie the end of the yarn you were wrapping to the next color of yarn, then continue wrapping until you cover most of the two front wood pieces. When you reach the end, knot off the yarn by tying to the last loop. Reinforce loose knots with glue.

DIY Yarn Tent 04

Step 4

Next, assemble the teepee by crossing the two pieces of wood and drilling through them and into the dowel. Repeat on the back of the dowel to create the basic structure of your teepee.

DIY Yarn Tent 05

Step 5

DIY Yarn Tent 06

Step 6

Next cut a piece of fabric (we used a cotton jersey stretch material) that will be the tent cover. Glue each of the long ends of the fabric around each of your remaining dowels. Let dry.

DIY Yarn Tent 07

Step 7

Drape over the teepee structure, then drill through the bottom of each piece of wood into the dowels.

DIY Yarn Tent 08

Step 8

To make the pom-poms, wrap yarn around three fingers.

DIY Yarn Tent 09

Step 9

Next, take the yarn off your hand and tie another piece around the middle of the yarn, tie in a knot.

DIY Yarn Tent 10

Step 10

Then, cut the loops. 
Trim uneven ends
string poms on white yard with an oversized needle.

DIY Yarn Tent 11

Step 11

DIY Yarn Tent 12

Step 12

DIY Yarn Tent 13

Step 13

Hang on your teepee 

DIY Yarn Tent 14

Step 14


Thanks again to I SPY DIY for helping us create our Cotton DIY Series! 

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