DIY: Laptop and Tablet Cases

Brit & Co. helped us create these must-have tech cases for both laptops and tablets.


What you need


What you need

  • cotton fabric
  • cotton fleece
  • 13-inch zipper
  • 2 buttons
  • needle + thread
  • sewing machine
  • ruler
  • fabric scissors
  • pen
  • pins
  • seam ripper

Let's Get Started

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Step 1

Whether you're back to school or back to work, you'll love these tech accessories cases we've created with B+C . Gather your materials (listed to the left) and don't be afraid to play with different patterns and buttons that showcase your unique style.

cotton blog diy tech-case image2

Step 2

Measure four rectangles of cotton fabric. We made a case for a 13-inch MacBook Pro and used the measurement 13 x 16 inches for our rectangles.

cotton blog diy techcase item3

Step 3

Time to sandwich the zipper in between two layers of fabric. Place the zipper facing up on the cotton fleece, and then lay the patterned fabric face down on the zipper.

cotton blog diy techcase item4

Step 4

Pin and sew in place.

cotton blog diy techcases item6

Step 5

Your pieces should be attached like this.

cotton blog diy techcase item7

Step 6

Fold your fabric over so it is paired up with its match, then pin in place.

cotton blog diy techcase item8

Step 7

Sew each side of the case separately. You will only sew three sides since the fourth is already attached to the zipper. For your inner lining, (for us it was the cotton fleece), leave a four inch opening so you will be able to reach your hand in and turn the case right side out.

cotton blog diy techcase item9

Step 8

If you accidentally sew the whole fleece section closed, no worries! Use a seam ripper to create a small opening that will fit your hand, and turn your case right side out.

cotton blog diy techcase item10

Step 9

Pin the open edge closed and then sew.

cotton blog diy techcase item11

Step 10

Stuff the lining into the outer shell of the case and zip closed.

cotton blog diy techcase item12

Step 11

This is the perfect little home for your beloved laptop.

cotton blog diy ipadcase item1

Step 12

Cut out four rectangles of various cotton fabrics that measure 7 x 12 inches (these are the measurements for an iPad Air: other versions may vary).

cotton blog diy ipadcase item2

Step 13

Pin all four pieces of fabric together. The two patterned pieces of fabric need to be sandwiched in the middle with the patterned sides facing each other.

cotton blog diy ipadcase item4

Step 14

Sew three sides together, leaving the third side open so that you can put your iPad inside.

cotton blog diy ipadcase item5

Step 15

Fold over the top edge of the case, pin and sew in place. Then turn your case right side out.

cotton blog diy ipadcase item6

Step 16

Create button flaps for your case by cutting a long rectangle (about 6 x 2 inches), folding it in half with the patterned side facing in, and sewing three sides together.

cotton blog diy item7

Step 17

Turn it right side out and sew the hole closed.

cotton blog diy ipadcase item9

Step 18

Cut a small hole on the bottom section of the flap, and sew around the hole to keep the fabric in place. These extra stitches will prevent the button hole from fraying or stretching out.

cotton blog diy ipadcase item13

Step 19

Pin and sew the button flaps in place. Fold them over and mark where you need to attach your buttons.

cotton blog diy ipadcase item14

Step 20

Using a needle and thread, sew your buttons onto the case.

cotton blog diy ipadcase item15

Step 21

Voila! Protective cotton cases for your most valued electronic devices.

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