DIY Shibori Dyed Clothing

Shibori: the perennial approach to tie-dye. With cotton's ability to hold color, without fading over time, it provides the perfect base for all your dying needs. In a few easy steps, you’ll have a new favorite shirt or pants to pair with your closet staples.

What you need


What you need

  • White cotton shirt
  • Rubber gloves
  • Indigo dye kit
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Wood Blocks
  • Rubber Bands

Let's Get Started

cotton diy shibori step 1

Step 1

Lay your white cotton shirt on a flat surface. Then, fold the shirt like an accordion, starting with the sleeves.

cotton diy shibori step 2

Step 2

Place the wooden blocks on either side of the shirt and secure with 4 rubber bands.

cotton diy shibori step 3

Step 3

Wearing your rubber gloves, mix the powdered dye with water using proportions as directed in your indigo dye kit.

cotton diy shibori step 4

Step 4

Soak your cotton shirt in fresh water and squeeze out all excess water. Immediately after soaking the shirt in water, submerge it into the dye for 10 minutes.

cotton diy shibori step 6

Step 5

After 10 minutes, remove the shirt and unwrap it to reveal your design. Don’t be surprised by the green color—it takes 20 minutes to turn into indigo.

cotton diy shibori step 7

Step 6

Voila! Your new favorite shirt!

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