DIY Off-The-Shoulder Top

Create this no-sew printed off-the-shoulder shirt from a men's button-up in just a few simple steps with Jenni from I Spy DIY.

What you need


What you need

Let's Get Started

Step 1

Gather your supplies.

Step 2

Lay your button-up flat, and start by placing the ruler right below the the tips of the collar, and then mark a line from shoulder-to- shoulder.

Step 3

Cut along the line, cutting off the top of the shirt, including the collar.

Step 4

Next turn inside out, and place the elastic one inch from the top of the newly cut neckline, then fold over the inch of fabric and pin right below the elastic.

Step 5

Continue pinning the elastic all around the neckline, leaving a little excess to pull tight after glueing.

Step 6

Next apply the glue just below the pins, adhering the flap to the shirt. Let dry.

Step 7

Once dry, pull the elastic tight to create a puckered neckline. You may want to try it on to get the perfect fit.

Step 8

Triple knot the two ends of the elastic, then cut off the excess elastic ends. And done!

Step 9

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