DIY Fabric Gift Wrap

This week, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Brit + Co. to show you how to create fun holiday giftwrap. In Part 1 of our DIY Fabric Series, we showed you how to create adorable cotton kitchen linens, now let’s turn them into gift wrap! Your friends will love these 2-in-1 gifts! Check out the video below to see how fun, easy and versatile this method can be.

What you need


What you need

  • Cotton Fabric
  • Cotton Yarn
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Fabric Scissors

Let's Get Started

diy britandco giftwrap 00

Step 1

Gather all materials. 

diy britandco giftwrap 01

Step 2

For our first gift, let’s turn that bottle of champagne into a gorgeous hostess gift by wrapping it with a kitchen towel. Your host will be so pumped to get both a new towel and a bottle of bubbly. 

Place the bottle in the middle of your cotton kitchen towel. Bring the ends together and lift them up towards the top of the bottle. Begin to twist each side until the fabric is hugging the champagne bottle. Separate the twisted ends and tie them in a knot around the neck of the bottle. Make sure any loose ends are tucked in and smooth out your knots. 

diy britandco giftwrap 02

Step 3

How cute is that?!

diy britandco giftwrap 00

Step 4

For our second method, let’s go with the layered look! For this one we’re indulging in some pattern-on-pattern action. We’ve got a tea towel for the main wrap and then we’ve cut up some other cotton fabric to layer on top.

diy britandco giftwrap 04

Step 5

Put your box in the center of your tea towel and wrap your gift as you normally would with paper. Use some double-sided tape to keep your fabric in place. You don’t actually need the tape because the yarn will secure the fabric, but it’s nice to have some there while you’re working.

diy britandco giftwrap 05

Step 6

Cut out a long strip of fabric and a triangle using two different cotton fabrics. You can use another tea towel, an old shirt or any other cotton fabric you have lying around. Then cut a few pieces of cotton yarn to wrap around the box.

diy britandco giftwrap 06

Step 7

Add your layers and adhere them with double-sided tape. Wrap your box with yarn.

diy britandco giftwrap 07

Step 8

You’re all set! We adore these layered patterns!

diy britandco giftwrap 00

Step 9

For our next example, this one is simply tied up in a little knot using an everyday tea towel.

diy britandco giftwrap 08

Step 10

With your box at a slight angle, place it in the middle of a cotton tea towel. Take opposite corners and pull them to the center of the box. Tie a double knot.

diy britandco giftwrap 09

Step 11

Now grab the other two corners and tie another knot covering up the first. Tuck in any loose pieces for a cleaner look.

diy britandco giftwrap 10

Step 12

It’s the Minnie Mouse meets rockabilly gift.

diy britandco giftwrap 00

Step 13

Don’t want your card hanging off the side of your gift? Try this next tutorial and cover over your box with a kitchen towel with a folded pocket.

diy britandco giftwrap 11

Step 14

Place your box at the end of the cotton towel. Fold the short sides up and over the box. Then fold the fabric over the box by rolling. When you’ve gone about ¾ of the way, pinch the fabric and fold it over to create a pocket. Continue to fold the end of the fabric over so that it is on the backside of the box. You might have to do this part a few times to get it just right. Finally, cut a long piece of cotton yarn and wrap it around the sides to secure the fabric in place.

diy britandco giftwrap 12

Step 15

Add a card to your pocket as a final touch.

diy britandco giftwrap 13

Step 16

Follow our steps or get creative and come up with your very own way to wrap gifts using cotton. The possibilities are endless.

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