Christmas Tree Skirt

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas with I Spy DIY.

Let's Get Started

Step 1

Gather materials.

Step 2

Start by taking the buffalo plaid fabric and folding it twice into a 2ft. by 2ft. square.

Step 3

Next, cut a rounded edge from one corner to the other, so the fabric has a cone shape, then unfold fabric to reveal the new circular shape.

Step 4

Repeat steps 1 & 2 with the black felt, using the plaid fabric as a guide. This will give a little more bulk and stability to your tree skirt.

Step 5

Place the felt underneath the buffalo plaid fabric, so they line up, and cut a slit from one end to the center middle.

Step 6

Use the red bias tape as trim around the edges, and adhere it using an iron and Heat’n Bond tape.

Step 7

Cut triangular tree shapes out of the green flannel fabric.

Step 8

Arrange tree shapes around the skirt, also adhering with Heat’n Bond tape and an iron.

Step 9

Place your new Christmas tree skirt under the tree with some decorated packages and you are ready for the holidays! 

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