Why Your Workout Clothes Smell

Why Your Yoga Pants Smell Care Tips For Yoga Pants

Has this happened to you before: you’re in yoga class, you get into the “downward dog” position, and then you take a deep breath and realize you stink.

The WSJ published an article two weeks ago that’s getting a lot of buzz, aptly titled “The Dirty Secret of Yoga Pants: They Smell”. First, ew. But, as stated above, it’s totally true. With many of us adapting to the Athleisure trend on the weekends (and some even to work), this is a concerning thought for general hygiene and those that surround us.

The Fabric.

This is the key thing to look out for. One of the biggest culprits of this are synthetics. Yes, they repel sweat from you so you don’t feel slimy after a workout, but they are also holding onto these stinky droplets within the fabric’s weaving. And unfortunately, because a lot of these types of synthetics are new, a lot of laundry detergent the majority of America has in their home isn’t doing the full job to be fresh.

With the development of moisture management technologies for cotton, you can enjoy fast-drying and moisture-wicking performance in the comfort and softness you know and love. So what exactly does this moisture management technology mean? It means your shirt will dry in half the time of a regular cotton tee. It wicks and spreads moisture so you will be more comfortable during your workout. (And you can shop some of these technologies/ apparel in the shop collection below.)

Handle with Care.

Another culprit of this smell are new washing machines, according to P&G. As the drums of these machines get larger, people aren’t washing smaller loads, reluctant to waste time and water. “They let laundry sit there for longer, then the odors settle in and permeate through the whole laundry basket.”

While it’s obviously easier to throw everything in together, we like the moto of “less is more”.

  • Too much detergent: it speeds up the wear and tear of your clothes.

  • Too many items: if the machine is stuffed to the brim, they won’t get cleaned or rinsed properly, stains will stay put, and you could wind up with a worn, ripped and pilled wardrobe and broken washing machine.

  • [Read our full list of cotton care tips, here.]

The Solution.

Always. Check. The. Label. Cotton allows your skin to breathe better than oil-based synthetics and over time, you don’t need to wash your clothes as often because of this.  

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