Travel Tips: Get There in Comfort and Style, With Cotton

Travel Cotton Style Comfort Hero

Everyone loves a great summer getaway, but the planning and packing can be a major hassle. You want to pack clothes that are versatile, easy to clean and care for, and especially fashionable. You also want to make sure you’re comfy while traveling, and that your luggage is as low-maintenance as possible. 

Cotton can help on all fronts, from the clothes you pack to the bag you pack it in! Durable and breathable, cotton has you covered this summer.


Next time you travel, opt for a durable, easy-to-clean cotton canvas tote as your carry-on. Its soft construction means you can pack all your essentials in, and have room for souvenirs! The ones we linked below are super cute, combining style and functionality for easy travel.

On The Plane

Getting comfortable on any flight can be a challenge, but especially on longer flights, you want to make sure you have the comfort essentials: and it starts with cotton. Pack a pair of cotton slipper socks so you can slip off your shoes on the flight, or stay comfortable with your shoes on with a soft pair of cotton canvas sneakers. Remember a cotton neck pillow and blanket, or a soft cotton eye mask to make sure you snooze.

On Vacation

Essential, trendy summer style means cotton. This season’s trends are packed with airy, eyelet dresses, striped cotton blouses, off-the-shoulder dresses, and a whole lot of classic denim. Cotton’s versatility means you have to pack less, wash less, and take advantage of your amazing summer style by repurposing pieces for day and night. You’ll always be comfortable in cotton.

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