Tips for Updating Your Home Decor

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We’ve already covered hosting, now let’s talk about the rest of your home. The thought of decorating your home alone can be exhausting, and enough to push the idea aside all together - trust us, we hear you. But, decorating doesn’t have to mean turning your home upside down.

Of course by now you know many of the benefits to wearing cotton, but the benefits of cotton aren’t limited to simply your favorite items in your closet (it IS The Fabric of Our Lives®, afterall). Many home items come in this natural fiber as well, and since things like pillows, blankets, and towels see much higher usage and wear, the durability and washability factor of this fabric is a no-brainer when looking for a refresh.

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In our eyes, your home should reflect your personality and how you feel. We change our hair and wardrobes so frequently, why shouldn’t we change our home decor? Mixing patterns and bright colors can be an easy way to change your aesthetic as you like.

Living Room Decor

A set of decorative pillows and throw can update your living room essence to match the season.


Changing your sheets to cotton can help you sleep better and will last through years of washing.


Cotton towels and decorative towels can instantly refresh your bathroom, without the long, pricey upgrade a larger overhaul can incur. And, there’s nothing more luxurious than the feeling of a cozy, terry-cloth robe when you step out of this now updated bathroom.

We’ve curated a collection to give your home the ultimate cotton upgrade. Shop our pieces below, and let us know what essentials are your #CottonFavorites on Instagram at @DiscoverCotton.

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