The White Button Down and Ways to Wear it!

cotton news atlantic pacific blair white button down

The white button-down is an extremely underestimated closet necessity that is often taken for granted. Like the perfect pair of skinny jeans and the right oversize sweater, the cotton button-down is a neutral classic, that's easily paired with every trend imaginable. While we love a dramatic midi-skirt in a cobalt hue or a cheetah printed cardigan, there’s something about going back to basics that fashion lovers often forget. The sheer sophistication that comes with throwing on a white button-down is so polished and stylish in all the right ways.

That’s why we scoured the web for bloggers that show off this cotton staple at its best. Ladies, the white button-down isn’t just for your men anymore. Whether you’re choosing to steal your boyfriend’s or buy your own, here are some amazing ideas on how to wear this cotton classic! Whether it's paired with jeans, skirt or denim shorts, you simply can't go wrong with this wardrobe must.

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