The Polo Shirt of Your Dreams

cotton news lily pulitzer transdry navy polo shirt

As the weather begins to warm up day-by-day, spring has us thinking about all the fabulous new trends we have to try this season. While we can’t wait to give some crazy new styles a go, one trend that never waivers is the polo shirt. Dating all the way back to the 1920’s, the polo shirt has been a staple in the closets of both men and women alike for decades. While some brands, such as Lacoste and Ralph Lauren Polo, have a monopoly on this cotton pique design, other designers have found ways to put their own unique twist on this country club classic. One designer with an excellent take on the polo shirt is Lily Pulitzer.

Not only does this brand’s polo shirt come in 5 bright summery hues, but they are also special because they are made using a unique cotton technology called TransDRY, which stands for, “transfers moisture, dries faster.” This moisture management application allows the fabric to wick away perspiration better than most synthetic fibers. If you’re wearing this shirt to play a spring sport, you’ll have a better chance of feeling comfortable all while staying dry. Couple this with the fact that this Lily Pulitzer shirt is undeniably stylish and you have yourself the perfect polo.

So whether you’re a fan of playing golf and tennis or you’re just plain into this prep-girl style, these Lily Pulitzer polo shirts are a must-have for you this spring and summer.

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