Updating Your Wardrobe with Fall's Hottest Trend: The Neckerchief

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We’re having major fashion déjà vu today! While you’ve been seeing lots of trends in stores and on the runways that embody the flowy, carefree style of the 70s, a new trend has emerged and its origin dates back to the “shoo wop de bop” looks that took over the Fifties.

So what are we referring to? We’re talking about the neck scarf. It only took one major supermodel to hit the streets in this vintage inspired look to get the fashion world buzzing about this chic accessory. The neck scarf has made a comeback and we’re pretty excited about it.

To help you pull off this trend in the most fashion-forward (and comfortable) way possible, we scoped out a few hip cotton styles you’re sure to fall in love with. These scarfs are soft, breathable and super versatile, making them a smooth and easy way to elevate an outfit. Just make sure you check for cotton to make sure you’re getting a scarf that won’t rub you the wrong way throughout your day or night.

Give this look a try and shop three designs at every price point below! We’re certain you’ll look like a really cool cat when you pair these with all your favorite threads. Viva la Fifties.

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