The Boy’s Jeans Epidemic: MiniBoden to the Rescue

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There’s a jeans epidemic facing moms today, and we’re not talking about women’s jeans! The problem facing these moms lies in the denim worn by their children, specifically their boys. Due to the fact that fashion is more casual and comfortable than ever, boys are having trouble accepting jeans into their wardrobe. An article in The New York Times on boys and their jeans quotes a little boy from Brooklyn who says jeans are simply too tight, and not comfortable enough for his liking. They prefer pants that are loose, baggy and easy to pull on with little effort. They just can’t be bothered with stiff styles that must be buttoned and zipped these days.

So moms across the nation are complaining about their children’s aversion to denim and they’re hoping for a suitable alternative. Thankfully, designers and brands are taking notice of these concerns. A company that’s working hard to combat this is issue is MiniBoden. The children’s collection from Boden USA knows denim is usually a top seller for them, so to please nay-sayers, they’re altering their designs to include elasticized waistbands, dressier track pants and roomier fleece styles. Lucky for stylish moms everywhere, the article also says most boys grow out of this denim hating phase, so there’s no need to worry. Your boys will love wearing the world’s most coveted fabric soon enough!

We hit up the MiniBoden website in an effort to find some adorable styles that both mom and son will enjoy. Check out the collection and shop for your cotton loving kids.

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