The Best Dresses to Keep Cool During Wedding Season

Bride holding bouquet with wedding guests wearing cotton dresses in the background

With spring and summer comes wedding season, the few months of the year where everyone you know seems to be tying the knot! After all, it’s the perfect time of year for a romantic wedding, when the sun is shining and flowers are blooming—but the challenge for any big, important function often comes down to what you’re going to wear.

Finding the perfect dress for a wedding may not be as difficult for a guest as it is for the bride, but it’s still pretty challenging. After all, you want to look dressy and appropriate, but you also want to be comfortable in the heat. That’s where cotton comes in. The best summer dresses are cotton, because the fabric is breathable and lightweight, unlike a lot of synthetic fibers that cling and trap heat. Cotton’s versatility lends itself to so many styles, both trendy and classic, so there’s a look for every type of wedding you’re invited to this summer. Celebrate wedding season in style, with these beautiful summer dresses.

Black Tie

A black tie wedding is a great reason to flaunt some serious red-carpet style, but there’s also a lot of pressure to find an appropriate gown. You’ll want a floor-length gown and possibly some sky-high heels to complete the look.

Black Tie Optional

Like black tie, a black tie optional wedding means you have to amp up the glamor, but it also means you can opt for a slightly less formal gown. Floor- or tea-length should do the trick, and accessorize with a glitzy hair accessory to really set yourself apart.

Traditional/Church Wedding

If you’re attending a traditional or a church wedding, there may be some dress code stipulations, like having covered shoulders, lower hemlines, or a more conservative neckline. Opt for a dress with a classic A-line silhouette, or remember a cotton scarf to drape over your shoulders during the ceremony.

Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings tend to be much less formal, especially if you’re on a beach! You’ll want a dress with short sleeves or no sleeves, and you can ditch the heels for a strappy sandal. A long, boho-style lace cardigan should give you that effortless look you’re going for!

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