4 Cotton Dress Styles for Summer and How To Wear Them

Woman wearing a white cotton off-the-shoulder dress riding a bicycle in town

If there’s one time of year we love cotton even more than usual, it’s spring and summer. Cotton’s crisp, timeless look and its breathability makes it the perfect fiber choice for all your summer dresses, from your weekend festival outfits to your business casual office style. Here are four of our favorite dress styles this season and how to style them for every occasion—in cotton. Since a lot of dresses can sometimes be synthetics, and since synthetics tend to make you sweat, check your fiber labels for cotton and stay cool.

Maxi Dresses for Both Work and Play

Nothing is more effortless than a maxi dress. It’s a single-item outfit that looks like a lot more effort has been put in, and it’s perfect for almost every occasion, from weddings to work. If you’re going to a dressier occasion, we love a more structured fit and something with a classic print, like floral. For work, a looser silhouette paired with a structured blazer makes for a cool, fun summer look. If you’re a seasoned expert in the styling of maxi dresses, step out of your comfort zone by trying a new trend: denim maxi dresses are in this season, and we’ve got some picked out for you below!

Off-The-Shoulder Dresses for Weekend Chic

The off-the-shoulder trend from seasons past shows no sign of slowing, and we’re grateful. The Brigitte Bardot-inspired look instantly adds femininity to any outfit, and an off-the-shoulder dress is perfect for summer days when you’re in the sun and want to stay cool. This is also an easy dress to style up or down: if you’re dressing formally, we love a solid color dress in a bold hue like yellow, red, or purple. Into a more subtle look? Blush pink is perfect for outdoor formal occasions.

For a more laid back, yet fashion-forward look for your weekend festivals and rooftop gatherings, opt for an a-line or fit-and-flare off-the-shoulder dress with classic embellishments like stripes, lace, and even denim. Check out our picks below!

Denim Dresses Are Both Trendy and Classic

Speaking of denim, did you know that the 70s-inspired all-denim look is totally popular right now? There are so many ways to rock the denim dress look, but we especially love pinafore denim dresses that you can layer with a tee or shirt underneath. We also love long-sleeve denim dresses with button details, that exude vintage playfulness. Denim is so versatile that the sky is the limit with this trend!

Style Shift Dresses For Work

Classic and a little mod, shift dresses are great for work because they’re not too form-fitting, and they do really well layered under jackets or blazers. For work, you can’t go wrong with a classic white or black shift dress, but if you’re looking for a breezier, casual look for after hours, look for a combo off-the-shoulder shift dress! Looser silhouettes are becoming more stylish, and they’re also infinitely more comfortable for summer.

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