Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Closet

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With spring coming later this month, and the desire to start fresh, we’re getting a jump start on the new season by breaking out the to-do list. First up: a much needed closet clean out. With a few seasons under our belt, we’ve gathered a few suggestions on how to optimize your purge-efficiency.

First, make 3 clean areas. The first area will be for items you want to store. Think of seasonal items like thick winter sweaters that you definitely won’t need for a few months. The second area will be for things you want to save. There are some layering items that can be vital year-round, lighter jackets, and we all know that with the ups and downs of mother nature, we will need the occasional favorite lighter knit sweater.

The third area is a tougher decision where you will gather the things you will soon say goodbye to. To really do this, get three boxes and label them “throw out”, “donate” and “sell”. For donate/sell, start with the ‘one-year rule’: if you haven’t worn it in a year, consider donating or selling it. If an entire winter season has passed and your -quite honestly hideous- sweater hasn’t seen the light of day since you got it last Christmas from grandma, it might be time to donate. For your items that were investment pieces, these are worth the time to take photos and publish to, say, Ebay, The Real Real, or bring over to a local more curated consignment shop. Put these in the “sell” box, the rest can go into the “donate” area.

Debating what to toss? Check the armpits first, most fabrics tend to discolor easily in this area and leave your clothes with unsightly stains. If you find the garment void of marks, feel for pilling. Non-cotton items pill easily and don’t disappear after a wash. And, anything with holes/severe wearing should also go into this box. You may start seeing that most of the items in this pile are also mystery fabrics – this is because most of these fabrics absorb more odors and need more washing. Tisk, Tisk.


-You know all those items in the “donate” box? If you are lucky enough to have friends that are similar sizes as you, this can be the perfect opportunity to invite them over for a “clothes swap”. Not only do you give your pieces to a good home, but you can score some major new duds that you now have room for!

-Hesitant to keep that maxi that you absolutely need heels to pull off? Don’t try to work for your clothes, make them work for you. A custom tailored piece is one trip away and usually under $15.

-For items you do decided to keep; flip the hanger so the hook side is facing you. Anytime you wear a piece, put the hanger back normally (with the hook facing the back of the closet). This may seem awkward but by next spring cleanout, you’ll see exactly which hangers haven’t been touched all year.

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