Refresh Your Interior Décor for Spring


Now that we’ve revamped our closet, let’s focus on the rest of the home. With the idea of warmer weather at our fingertips, it is the perfect opportunity to invite everyone over and this calls for a décor refresh!

Remember, this doesn’t mean all new things and can be very selective updates that reinvigorate your home, just like your wardrobe. If you’re having trouble deciding where to start, focus on a theme. This can be as simple as a color story, some print/pattern play, or if you’ve got all that down, adding some seasonal accessories into the mix.

Love the bold blues of a nautical design? Accent your couch with striped pillows and deck your walls with pictures of anchors. Feeling more Victorian? Be sure to play up blacks to contrast the lace and pink throughout the room. More of a jungle lover? Incorporate cheetah prints subtly through throw blankets and coasters.

Whichever theme you choose, focus on one section of the room at a time.

The Floors

A rug can completely transform a room. Small or large, a rug can do anything from bring together the color theme, to becoming a much needed focal point. Shapes can also play an important role in decorating your space, as round rugs will create a more open feel.

If you are a bit more crafty, you don’t even need a new rug! If you already have a cotton rag rug, we have a DIY Moroccan Rug revamp project, or, if you’re looking to add some color, our DIY Ombre Rug project is a seriously run upgrade for any room. The best part about opt for a cotton based rug? It’s a much easier option to clean - a quick throw into the wash has it good as new!

DIY Frames Hero 1

The Walls

Walls are the perfect blank slate, and something as simple as a framed print can take your space to the next level. If you’re going towards a color theme or pattern play, you can have a lot of fun here by mixing multiple prints, fabrics or photos in similar colors together. Or, go ahead and frame your favorite piece of fabric like we did in our DIY tutorial here . If you can’t put holes in your wall, have the pictures leaning against the wall on any shelf or wall unit for a more laid back look.

Feeling creative? Buy some canvas and make your own wall art. Channel your inner Jackson Pollack and splatter paint all over it, or go very minimalist and carefully script a large ampersand or silhouette of a symbol that means something to you.

The Windows

If painting your walls seems either unnecessary or un-doable, try brightening them up by accessorizing your windows. Picking a bold color and/or pattern for a curtain can draw your eye straight to the most underappreciated part of your space. Remember, lighter colors give the appearance of a larger room, while darker colors act as a statement piece.

The Bed

Don’t be shy about keeping your doors wide open when company is over, it’s all about making a statement with the pieces on your bed. Even if you’re a fan of the all white duvet or comforter, you can show your personality through throw pillows and bedside chachkies. Take a look at our Favorites Remixed video to get even more inspiration from designer Danielle Colding of DCDNY.

The Details

Have trouble keeping a plant alive? We hear you. Especially in homes or apartments where the light doesn’t directly hit your rooms, it can be hard to maintain that green thumb. Try using cotton plants and flowers instead. They contrast well in front of colored walls and give an all around fresher feel to the room.

Along with flowers, adding any room with a mix of pillows (colors & shapes), throw blankets, vases, etc. is the quickest way towards an instant upgrade. Even if you only focus on the details, it can really make a world of difference.

Do you have any hassle decor go-to’s to add? Share them with us on Twitter at @DiscoverCotton!

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