Holiday Guide: Cozy Winter Essentials

COTTON W4 Winter-Essentials TFOL 960x400

There seem to be two strategies for winter style:

1. Cozy chic: Your favorite sweater, patterned socks, stylish cardigans. Even better: the dress you can style up or down and wear with tights. Overall, you're excited to buy these clothes and wear them all season long.

2. Survival Mode: That puffer jacket you’d rather burn than wear again. Boots that keep you from slipping around in slushy snow. You get the picture: these pieces are darker side of winter. They are the unlit fireplace. The Black Friday stampede. The stale piece of pie.

But with cotton-rich pieces you rarely have to compromise. The key is in layering. Cotton basics are cute and warm enough to make holiday cheer a reality for you this season. Below are some of our favorites.

P.S. You still need the snow boots though. There’s just no way around it.

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