How To Wear A White Button-Down Nine Ways

WhiteButtonDown Cuff

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Whether it’s the last clean item in your closet before laundry day or the only thing you left in your boyfriend’s closet, we created a go-to guide for how to successfully accomplish the dreaded outfit repeat. Fool all of your coworkers by changing up the staple with a few sneaky techniques.

Using a crisp white blouse, here are fun ways to style this classic cotton favorite:

Style it

Tie it: To tie your button up perfectly --and avoid the fabric belly button or front tail-- Refinery29 says to unbutton your top to the length you want your shirt to be. When you have your two pieces ready to knot, “make sure the side without any buttons is on top”, tie it, then flip flop and tie again.

Fold the sleeves: There is in fact a 'right' way to fold the sleeves. Who better to instruct than Jenna Lyons, Creative Director and President of J.Crew? She says to, “Fold your sleeve in half and pull it to your upper arm. Then roll the fold up the arm again, stopping right about the sleeve cuff so it sticks out.” There you have it. Two simple steps to the perfect sleeve.

Accessorize it

ManRepeller AccessorizeIt

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Spruce it up with a statement necklace: Button your shirt all the way to the collar and layer in a chunky bold statement necklace for a refined dressed up look. Or for a more laid-back summery feel, pop open the top buttons and layer in long pendants.

Belt your blouse: Define your waist and establish your signature style with this trick. Keep your shirt untucked and wear over slim pants to highlight your figure.

When in doubt, add a scarf: Scarves are the go-to accessory to add pop to a basic staple. A sweet cotton handkerchief tied around the neck refreshes the white blouse with a Western-inspired flare.

Layer it

Layering AtlanticPacific

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Under a cropped sweater: For a more laid back look, choose a less fitted sweater.

Paired with a fur vest: Perfect for errands or closing out the work week, the fur vest is a very in-style accessory that will make everyone forget about the blouse under it.

Under a dress: This look has resurfaced with a vengeance. Layering your blouse under a dress eliminates the need for a cardigan and seasonally transforms your dress for the colder months.

With overalls: Hear us out. Overalls are back and if done right, can be the perfect brunch outfit. Cuff the bottoms and add some heels for an updated version of the 90’s trend. Nothing will distract from the twice worn blouse more than overalls.

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