#NamasteComfortable with Cotton, From Your Workout to Brunch

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New year, new you? If getting fit and working out more is your New Year’s resolution, we can help you out. The new year is about new beginnings: do something you’ve never tried before, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and making strides to be healthier. You may become more aware of the ingredients in your food, or even in your beauty products. But have you ever thought about the ingredients in your clothes? Maybe 2018 is the time to start.

Did you know that cotton is the perfect fiber to wear during a workout? Recently, we invited some of our favorite fitness and fashion bloggers to a special Cotton yoga event, where we showcased how easy it is to work out in cotton—and go straight from the studio to brunch. Check out some highlights below, and read more to find out what makes cotton such a special fiber.

Step 1: Pick Your Favorite Style

Our guests came decked out in their cotton finest, each wearing a pair of cotton yoga pants they’d picked out themselves. Some were stylish in tie-dye, while others opted for trendy details like bows and laces. These bloggers, like Lindsay Heney, looked good and felt good in cotton.

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With cotton activewear, it’s easy to “namaste comfortable.” Did you know that in addition to being naturally soft, cotton clothes wash cleaner than synthetics? That means your workout clothes won’t smell after you wash them, like polyester tends to do. Cotton is also hypoallergenic, so you won’t be susceptible to rashes, breakouts, or irritation after a workout.

Step 2: Strike A Pose

Next, our guests enjoyed a Vinyasa yoga class led by guru Beth Cooke. She led the class through an invigorating and revitalizing hour of yoga.

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Cotton workout gear keeps you comfortable and unlike synthetic fibers, is completely natural. The softness of cotton, coupled with its innate ability to breathe, made the yogis even more zen than usual!

Step 3: Treat Yourself to Brunch

We know weekend brunch is a staple in our lives, and cotton makes it easy to go from a workout to a restaurant without skipping a beat. After our yoga class, we treated our guests to a clean, healthy meal made with whole foods. They enjoyed avocado toast, fresh-squeezed juices, yogurt, and granola.

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Every girl looked fresh and stylish even after their workout. Cotton activewear is versatile enough to wear outside the gym, without the overly shiny look you get with polyester yoga pants. Plus, cotton absorbs moisture, keeping you dry, while synthetics like polyester and nylon may hold moisture closer to your skin, encouraging the growth of yeast and leading to infection. That’s not something you need to worry about with cotton, especially if you tend to stay in your workout clothes for a few hours after exercising.

As every one of our guests learned that day, wearing cotton is just another facet to living a more natural lifestyle. If you also want to #NamasteComfortable in 2018, use that hashtag on Instagram to let us see your cotton fitness style!

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