Must Have: Track Pants

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What’s the latest craze to take the fashion world by storm? Believe it or not, track pants are making an appearance in the closets of the fashion elite these days. This style of pants is no longer the equivalent of warm-up gear for runners and triathlon participants. In fact, these slouchy cotton sweats are actually getting a total makeover. Fashionistas left and right are dressing up their track pants with loose blouses, shimmery clutches and sky-high stilettos, showing the world that the track pant means business.

And we’re loving every second of it! Not only can you rock your most comfortable wardrobe essential day in and day out, but you look stylish while doing it. The trick is in the top. When you pair your track pants with a dressier top and jacket, you get a look that reads sophisticated, rather than sloppy. We gathered up our favorite cotton track pants to show you just how comfortable, versatile and truly chic this style can be! Check it out and shop now.

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