Levi's 501 Jeans in History

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What’s so special about Levi’s button-fly 501 baby blues? This pair of jeans may have started out as a simple pair of industrial work pants, but this design quickly evolved into so much more – leaving a mark on American history in regards to fashion, culture and individualism.

While they were first introduced as early as the 1800s, don’t be fooled by this 141 year old style. Levi’s 501s have appealed to everyone throughout the decades. Yes, they’re vintage. Are they out of date? Absolutely not. This timeless American staple has made its rounds, dressing influential characters such as George Clooney, James Dean and President Obama! This beloved cotton design has the ability to remain immortal. How many garments can we actually say that about? While Levi’s has made sure to modernize the fit of the pair today, vintage styles are equally favored amongst the fashionable.

Thanks to cotton and the celebrities who have popularized this iconic Levi’s creation, the 501 is a modern history marvel. We’re so proud of Levi’s for accomplishing this feat. They’ve created a pair of jeans that stand the test of time. Fashion magazines and blogs today create stylish ensembles using these jeans as a base. This classically neutral pair of pants isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and we can’t wait to see how far they’ll continue to go in the future!

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