How To Pack For a Weekend Outdoors

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Hello, warm weather! With things slowing down in the office, it’s a perfect time to get away for a few days and explore new places. For people who live in an urban environment, a weekend away in nature is exactly what the doctor ordered to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy all that the great outdoors has to offer. From light nature walks to scenic bike rides, make sure your long weekend goes as smoothly as possible by packing the right stuff.

What to pack for Friday:


Day: Thinking about hitting the trails as soon as you arrive? Dress accordingly and in layers. By pairing a cotton flannel over a tank, you’ll not only look the part but be comfortable and ready for just about anything Mother Nature throws at you. For trails that are well weeded, shorts and sneakers will be your best friend. Just don’t forget the bug spray.

Night: Ward off scary campfire stories and protect your legs from dripping s’mores in a pair of worn in jeans. For extra cold nights, layer over a pair of cotton thermal underwear to keep heat in and the cold out. Hoodie sweatshirts are key to keeping you cozy when you cuddle up around the fire. It protects your head and neck from the evening chill. Not only will it keep you warm but it will be great to protect against mosquitoes.


Day: Arrive in comfort with a great lightweight shirt, sweatshirt and durable shorts that can take you through an array of activities throughout the weekend. If it’s too warm for a sweatshirt, consider a vest—perfect to hold all of your odds and ends.

Night: Depending on how 'one with nature' your amenities are, you may not have a lot of heating.This calls for a massive amount of layering or just a great pair of pants that are comfortable and breathable. Follow in Her footsteps and consider layering with thermal underwear and the perfect sweatshirt. To keep her extra warm, don’t forget to pack a blanket.

What to pack for Saturday:


Day: Throw last night’s hoodie over a moisture-wicking tee. The tee will give you all the great comforts of cotton but will dry quicker when you’re burning calories and working up a sweat. Double up on your cotton socks - one to absorb the sweat and a thicker pair over it to reduce your chance of getting blisters. With the sun shining brightest during the day, don’t forget to protect your scalp and face with a wide brimmed hat. Jeans or shorts? Let the forecast decide.

Night: Say hello to winter's flannel pajama pants. They might be reminiscent of your college days but these pants are comfortable and cozy. Again, perfect for a night around the fire singing kumbaya. If your flannel shirt from Friday has had it’s chance to air out feel free to reach for it for some extra nighttime coverage.


Day: Another active day calls for your go-to pants from yesterday. They have serious mobility for a range of activities. A cotton t-shirt is great choice because cotton’s a natural fiber so it draws heat away from your skin, keeping you cool and comfortable in hot weather. But for more performance driven activities on the day’s agenda,try a moisture-wicking shirt.

Night: Ditch the two-day old pants and opt for a fresh pair of jeans. These rugged favorites are heavy enough to keep you warm but comfortable enough since let’s face it, you’ve had them for years. If it’s too warm out for a sweatshirt, a simple long-sleeve shirt will be great when keeping those pesky mosquitoes at bay.

What to pack for Sunday:


Day: Leaving the great outdoors calls for a great morning picnic. Allergy sufferers can relax in cotton. Compared to many synthetic fabrics, cotton apparel is less likely to generate static electricity. Why does this matter? Because static electricity can act as a magnet that attracts pollen to your apparel and holds it there. Enjoy the weather with a pair of leggings which weigh practically nothing so they are essential to travel with and a repeat of your day one tank or if you are the ultimate packer and could fit it, a fresh second tank.


Day: Now that the activity is done, dig back through your duffel for day 1 shorts and sweatshirt for the ride back home. Don’t worry about your worn apparel stinking up your bag, just throw everything in the wash when you get back and smell be gone!

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