Home Essentials for a Comfy Weekend

cozy essentials for a night in home decor ideas

We’re in the final month of winter and after surviving polar vortexes and epic snow storms, all we really want to do is stay indoors and hibernate until spring. Forget going out - the last stretch of winter is all about staying in and staying comfy. And while what you’re lounging in matters, you should also be mindful of what you’re lounging with. A veg-out session is incomplete without the perfect home snuggle-ables.

Mystery fabrics are notoriously itchy and non-breathable, turning lazy weekend naps to sweat-soaked fiascos, leaving you no more relaxed than you were before. Cotton is not only soft, but breathable - meaning it will keep you warm without completely overheating. And because cotton is easy to clean, your home will stay fresh without the need for exhaustive cleaning.

Whether you’re keeping it classy with Scandinavian-inspired minimal interiors or going full-out with fun and quirky details, it’s easy to incorporate cotton to achieve maximum comfiness and style.

Check out our must-haves below, and share your own cotton decors with us on Instagram using #CottonFavorites!

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