Happy Birthday to Denim

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In 1972, LIFE Magazine declared, “The world is blue-jean country now.” That was in light of denim’s 100th birthday, a monumental occasion in the fashion world. Last week was denim’s 142nd birthday and 43 years later, the world hasn’t wavered when it comes to their love for this American made classic. Denim has continued to take the fashion world by storm in more ways than one. From dresses, jackets and even accessories, denim is used to make a variety of different garments today. A material that was once reserved for riveted, boot-cut pants for men now comes in flared, skinny, straight, boyfriend, capri, ripped, torn and high-rise designs. Even better, your baby blues don’t have to be blue anymore. Now you can buy your jeans in almost every color, print and pattern you please.

It’s safe to say, denim has changed the fashion world forever, and we are so proud to say denim is cotton! To celebrate denim and its timeless appeal, we rounded up a few photos of some of our favorite bloggers rocking denim in various styles. We have to give these ladies a round of applause for wearing a durable, comfortable and stylish cotton favorite in so many fabulous ways. Happy birthday denim -- oh how we love you so!

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