Hailee Steinfeld on How She Stays Motivated and Her Style Do’s & Don’ts

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Recently, Cotton teamed up with actress/singer Hailee Steinfeld to promote the Find Your Favorite Mall Program. We sat down with Hailee for a behind the scenes interview to discuss her motivations, inspirations and, importantly, her favorite fashion.

Cotton: What is your style motto?

HS: Look good and feel good inside and out. And live your life with the confidence that comes with it.

Cotton: What is your favorite wardrobe staple?

HS: One wardrobe staple that I can’t live without would be my cotton sweatpants and sweatshirts. It really kind of represents that state of being in rest for me. Traveling in them, I always feel very comfortable and yeah, it’s kind of my go-to.

Cotton: What is your summer-to-fall cotton item?

HS: Scarves. I love wearing them in the summer sort of as an accessory and then when you get into fall and get a little colder, it becomes more of a necessity.

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Cotton: What is your favorite trend?

HS: My favorite trend right now, that I actually wore on set today, is a long denim cotton trench. I think they’re so cool. You can throw them on with anything, dress something up with it. It kinda works for any occasion. Yeah, I’m really really into them.

Cotton: Why is cotton The Fabric of Our Lives®?

HS: Cotton is the fabric of my life because no matter what time of day it is or where I am in the world really, whatever I choose to wear is likely cotton. And, thinking about it, some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe are cotton.

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