Grown and Made in the USA: This Is Red Land Cotton

Bed with cotton sheets and pillows next to cotton branches

In the early 1980s, cotton grower Mark Yeager formed a company called “Red Land Farms,” named after the rich red soil on his farm. It’s this fertile Alabama soil that not only, according to his daughter Anna, “stains whatever it comes in contact with,” but that also made growing and manufacturing cotton entirely in the United States possible. Not only possible: a dream come true.

In 2015, Mark and daughter Anna Brakefield took a huge leap of faith. Their Instagram following started requesting products made from their Alabama-grown cotton, which inspired them to establish a full-time company. Thus, Red Land Cotton was born.

Anna, who had a background in advertising, was the perfect business partner for her farmer father. They had passion for the idea and a gut feeling it would work, but not everyone was convinced. “Several friends and family members questioned the idea,” Anna says, “and wondered why anyone would care about a farmer growing his own cotton” to make sheets and bedding. Their response? “We felt there is a hunger and a willingness in America to support not only the American farmer, but also the American manufacturer and artisan.”

Turns out, Anna was right.

Red Land Cotton products are grown entirely in Alabama, and their sheets, bedding, and other home goods are manufactured entirely in the United States. But their biggest strength—American-made and -grown—was also their biggest challenge. Anna and Mark met with manufacturers and pitched them their American-Made story. “It was really a sacrifice on each manufacturer in our supply chain’s part to get our project into production in their plant. Ultimately, it was a group effort and it took other companies and people believing in what we were doing to make this business idea a reality.” The hard work and sacrifice definitely paid off.

Red Land Cotton founders Mark Yeager and daughter Anna

So aside from their American-made story, what differentiates Red Land Cotton’s products from mass-produced home goods? It all comes down to nostalgia: going back to a simpler time with higher-quality products. Mark was interested in recreating the touch and feel of his grandmother’s sheets, the way “they would be ‘crunchy’ when they came off the clothesline, but would be so comfortable once you broke them in,” Anna describes. They found their holy grail feeling when coming across an heirloom bed linen from the 1920s. They worked with textile engineers at the Cotton Incorporated headquarters in North Carolina to recreate the yarn size and weave construction from that sheet, and the rest was history.

Investing in their company also meant investing in America, in their communities and neighbors. “Being ‘made in the USA’ is important to us,” Anna says, “because it embodies our commitment to quality, creating jobs and supporting our talented neighbors in our local communities.” It was not only their fertile red dirt that allowed their dream to flourish, but the hard work and dedication of the American people, and their indomitable spirit.

Cotton sheets from Red Land Cotton

Anna and Mark believe in the American dream, but they also believe in the natural qualities of cotton, and the fact that it makes a superior product their customers can feel good about sleeping on. It’s important for them to showcase the natural qualities of the fiber in their products, apparent by the weave of their hero bed sheets, which retain the charming “imperfections” of the cotton’s natural origins. They call cotton a “plant with a personality,” and we couldn’t agree more. It’s this personality that has sparked creativity in Anna and Mark, and it’s this personality that results in home goods and clothing that will last a lifetime.

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