Finding the Right Jeans for Your Body Type

How To Find The Perfect Jeans For Your Body Type denim fit

We always think it will be easy. We go to replace our current favorite pair of jeans that have gone through the wringer, but when we go back to the store they are not what they used to be and we have to start from square one. The worst. For most of us, we focus on just the wash or the style but there are so many other things that play into the fit of your jeans. Pay attention to our tips below because the wrong pocket placement or wash can change the entire look of your jean.


For starters, check the label of the ones you already own.The ideal balance is going to be a 98% cotton/2% spandex or elastane. If this changes, even by 1% you might not notice a difference in the immediate fit but you might after they wear over time (hello saggy butt and knees) and the way they distort after washes (too much spandex and dryer heat are not compatible).


If the size and placement of pockets were not something you noticed the last time you did 360’s around the fitting room mirror, it should be now. A few things to keep an eye on:

1) The size of the pockets. Larger pockets give the illusion of a larger, more ample butt. If this is something you want to enhance, go with a smaller pocket. If it’s something you want to draw less attention to, definitely look for a larger pocket.

2) The amount of space between the pockets and the middle seam (the one that runs down your backside) is actually going to add width to your hips.

3) The height of the placement on your derriere will also affect the illusion of how plump/ample you are. Pockets with higher placement will give immediate ‘lift’.

4) Flaps on pockets will also add volume, so as with everything above, choose wisely and avoid extremes.


This one is simple. Just like when you throw on a LBD, a darker wash is going to have a natural slimming effect and appear a bit dressier. Depending on where you work, this wash may be the most appropriate to transition into your work wardrobe. In the warmer months lighter blues, whites and khaki are going to feel a bit more fresh.


You should be purchasing your jeans to fit the largest part of your body - for some of us that’s our hips, for others it may be thighs. If you’re looking at skinny jeans maybe it’s even your calf. If you buy to fit this specific area, taking the waist in an inch is a really easy fix any tailor can do. Size doesn’t matter here, the fit does (squeezing into a smaller size can make you appear bigger than you are).

1) If you have long legs, wearing a skinny option is going to be your best option (if you don’t, go with a slight flare to elongate them).

2) If you are proud of your derriere (good for you!), highlight that with a smaller pocketed bootcut option.

3) Want the illusion of smaller hips? Go for a more tailored trouser version.

4) If you are plus-size, go for a bootcut with a higher rise and avoid ‘whiskering’ details as they draw attention to thighs.

Also pay attention to the rise. Avoid the dreaded muffin top by choosing a mid to higher rise (at or above your bellybutton) that fits more snug on your natural waist and doesn’t pinch in on your stomach.


When you finally find “the one”, make sure you give it the proper care to make it a lasting relationship. The reality with jeans is, you shouldn’t be washing them too often. If they have gotten baggy knees in between wears, simply spray with some water and put in the dryer. If you must wash them, wash them inside out (to keep the wash from fading) and air dry them.

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