The Timeless Wardrobe Staple: Denim

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No one can argue that denim is an essential for the modern girl’s wardrobe. You might be picky about your fit or wash, but a good pair is a must. And a great pair?

Congrats—you’ve found a new favorite.

So who sparked our denim obsession? As always, Vintage Guru Charlotte Smith is there to answer our questions.

“It all began in the 1800s,” Charlotte explains. The original designer: Levi Strauss, of course. Miners needed durable clothing to wear on the job, which at that time came in the form of a high-waisted overall. And the rest is history.

“Each decade,” Charlotte says, “Cotton denim is up-dated to reflect the fashion of the time. Denim is a timeless cotton fabric that tells a great American story. Everyone from cowboys and soldiers to Hollywood heartthrobs donned a pair of jeans and helped build cotton denim into an American icon. “

Denim so is so ingrained in our cultural consciousness that the only question is what fit will be in style next? For us, we’re feeling the flair. The 70’s are back and we couldn’t be happier.

What’s your style of choice?

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