Day In The Life: Melodie Jeng, Street Style Photographer

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Street style photographer, Melodie Jeng, spends her days photographing top models and behind-the-scenes frenzies during New York Fashion Week. She's giving us the inside scoop on what its like to be one of the hard-working women on the front lines of fashion's most talked about events.

View the slideshow above for an intimate look into Melodie's life.

Melodie Jeng is a street style photographer based in New York City. Her work has been featured on Refinery29, Huffington Post, and more. Follow Melodie on Instagram @melodiejeng and view her work at

9:00AM: In the cab on the way to Lincoln Center. I like to walk to shows since you never know what moments you may get to see along the way. I try not to take taxis, but shows can take place all over the city so it’s hard not to. Full disclosure – I’m not a morning person. I treat myself to a cab each morning during fashion week so I start off on the right foot.

9:30PM: I have arrived! I'm showing up a little late to start shooting since I had the wrong address for the show (grr!). But it’s hard to be late for a fashion presentation; you can always stop people as they leave the shows. Or, as we say, “get the exit.”

12:00PM: Backstage I ran into some of my favorite models to shoot! Gryphon and Miles are total pros and so much fun.

3:20PM: I realize I've been moving around all day and haven't had a chance to eat. Shooting can get really stressful during the day and sometimes it’s hard to find the time for a good meal. I love Liquiteria. (I totally downed that greens with apple before I had a chance to snap a pic!) I’m so happy there’s a new Liquiteria near Milk Studios, where a lot of the shows take place. My favorite is the Mean Green. Honestly, this is the only way I’ll “eat” my vegetables. Aspiring street style photographers take note: staying hydrated super important!

5:00PM: Shooting the Simon Miller show. I spend a lot of time on the streets so I like when I get a chance to shoot a presentation. Change things up a bit! Simon Miller showed a lot of super cool denim pieces I would totally wear.

5:30PM: I have to be comfortable when I’m running around all day. My jeans were already ripped and torn, but I think they ripped a bit more while I was running around shooting! I don’t dress for trends, but the extra rips and tears in my jeans made me look “Street Style-y” and everyone commented on them! Accidentally fashionable!

6:15PM: Shooting backstage at the N. Hoolywood show. Got here early and they’re already doing dress rehearsals. Mens shows are reallychill and never run as late as womens. I'm a little bit in aw of the N. Hoolywood team -- they are super hardworking! So efficient and it shows in a really great collection.

6:30PM: N. Hoolywood has THE BEST CATERING! Pasta, Chocolate Rice Krispies, brb eating.

8:00PM: Stopped over a Duane Reade to find plain men’s cotton t-shirts. It’s really hot outside for September so I decided I’m going to wear a white tee and denim uniform all week long. It may not be fashion forward, but I know I’ll be comfortable in that hot sun, and that’s really what counts.

10:00PM: What does my house look like during fashion week? Totally frantic! I’m cooking dinner and editing my pictures from the day. I’ll be pulling an all-nighter but I’m armed with coffee and red bull. This is the part of fashion week you never see! It’s been a long, frantic day, but I really love what I do.

3:45AM: Done editing all my images from the day. Sending them off to my editors now so I'll get to see my photographs published by morning. It's been a long, crazy day, but I really love what I do!

See you on streets!


Melodie Jeng is a street style photographer based in New York City. Her work has been featured on Refinery29, Huffington Post, and more. Follow Melodie on Instagram @melodiejeng and view her work at

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