Cotton: The best Choice for Workout Wear

You know the feeling. That sheer panic and embarrassment when you realize that awful workout-induced smell is coming from you and your sweat soaked clothing after your afternoon hot yoga session. We understand. Working out is great, but the smell… not so much.

Thankfully, the New York Daily News just reported on a Belgian study that really put the typical workout ensemble into question.While we already knew this information to be true, the study confirms that exercise clothing made of mystery fabrics captures bacteria causing odor more than cotton. This means that you might be smelling worse then you have to after a run or class. We won’t go into the super boring scientific reasoning (think, long-chain fatty acids and sulfur compounds), but we will say, this study is enough to make gym junkies check their labels twice before buying.

That’s why Chris Callewaert of Ghent University in Belgium says the best choice for workout wear is cotton because our favorite fabric is less likely to attract “micrococci,” the bacteria that causes body odor.

So before you head off to your morning spin class, throw on some cute cotton gear to get a good workout sans the smelly odor!

Check out the study here for more information: