Shop Cotton’s Fashion Delivered Runway Show, Now Live on Amazon

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This New York Fashion Week, Cotton shared with audiences something truly special: a shoppable runway show you can stream and shop directly from Amazon on your computer or device! We understand that not everyone can attend the shows during New York Fashion Week, so we brought our show directly to you.

Also, we don’t want to brag, but our show is even a little more special than the average, because this is one runway show where you can order the clothes straight from the catwalk with just one click. We love the ease and accessibility that Amazon has, and we especially love that every item of clothing in this curated collection is made from cotton. It’s The Fabric of Our Lives® for a reason.

With Amazon, we can fully showcase the versatility of cotton. Once you watch the show, you’ll see how stylish cotton really is—not just perfect for tees and jeans, but for everything from dresses and skirts to your favorite athleisure. It’s also natural: cotton is grown from a plant and spun into the fiber you know and love. And the best part of our show is that you can take home your runway favorites with the click of a button.

Watch and shop Cotton’s Fashion Delivered Runway Show

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