Cotton and Opening Ceremony Created “The Most Powerful Tee”

Lulu Bonfils wearing the most powerful cotton tee

A plain white t-shirt. We probably all have one in our wardrobes, or several. They’re classic, iconic—and cotton. But this simple white tee can become something much more powerful with one simple change. Your input.

For generations, people have been putting slogans, mottos, and messages on white t-shirts. Messages of change, messages of one’s identity, messages of humor. The white cotton tee has become a canvas of self-expression.

In partnership with Opening Ceremony, a high street fashion brand, we have created The Most Powerful Tee, on sale from Opening Ceremony now. The white cotton t-shirt is packaged with a black permanent marker and features the iconic Opening Ceremony logo, providing you a blank slate to make your voice heard, express yourself unapologetically, and make cotton not only The Fabric of Our Lives, but also the canvas of your life.

Watch the film to get inspired. Whether it’s telling the world who you are, or raising awareness about an issue dear to your heart, everyone has a platform, a voice to be heard. What will you say?

Shop the shirt from Opening Ceremony, or make your own with a simple tee, a marker, and a message.

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