Clean Out Your Closet for 2017 with our Cotton Closet Cleanse

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When the New Year arrives, we’re all thinking of ways to improve our lives through health, good habits, and mindfulness. While you’re thinking of ways to usher in more happiness this new year, consider doing a closet cleanse – with cotton.

Chances are you have a closet full to bursting with clothes you don’t get much use from. Maybe you’ve stood in front of your closet morning after morning, staring at dozens of hangers, still at a loss for what to wear.

The “Cotton Cleanse” is a way to make your wardrobe truly work for you this year, by purging what you should be free of and replacing the old with the new: quality pieces that will last for years, be versatile and stylish, and make you look as great as you’ll feel. How do you achieve this ideal wardrobe? With cotton-rich clothing. Here’s how to start.

Be critical of what you want to toss.

The first step of the cotton closet cleanse is to take all the clothes out of your closet. Yes, it will be a large pile! Next, start selecting items from the pile you definitely want to keep. While you’re doing that, ask yourself these important questions:

     · Does it still fit?

     · Would I buy it today if I saw it in stores?

     · Is it good quality?

     · Is it versatile?

If any of those questions elicit a “no” response, then away it goes!

A good rule of thumb for cleaning out your wardrobe is to remove everything you haven’t worn in the past six months to a year, and fold them into a box out of sight. If, after a few more weeks, you still haven’t wanted anything inside that box, donate everything inside.

In fact, if you have old denim clothing, consider giving it to our Blue Jeans Go Green™ program. Blue Jeans Go Green™ partners with Bonded Logic, Inc. to upcycle collected denim into housing insulation, helping the building efforts of communities across the country. Your old jeans could do a world of good.

Evaluate your wardrobe needs.

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The second step of the cotton closet cleanse is to think about the kind of clothing you always wear, based on your lifestyle. Are you a jeans and tee kind of person, or do you need more sophisticated workwear? Do you constantly don day dresses, or are you always searching for the perfect blouse? Write these items down so you can fill your wardrobe with new pieces you’ll always want, need, and most important, love.

Cotton dresses are perfect for your date night look and your work ensemble, because they can be dressed up or down for any occasion, any time of day. Add a few versatile button-down shirts in classic and trendy styles, cotton-blend leggings (great for brunch as well as the gym!), denim jeans and jackets, and maybe even a trendy jumpsuit or two.

The fashion possibilities are endless with cotton, but the best part? Cotton clothing is easy to care for, saving you precious time and money – and saving money is always one of our new year’s resolutions.

Buy smart – and don’t forget to Check the Label.

Closet Cleanse Cotton Label 3Px

Cotton is your favorite for a reason. It’s a natural fiber that’s breathable, durable, versatile, and doesn’t hold odor. It’s perfect for all your wardrobe staples, but cotton-rich clothing is trendy as well as practical. Shop our picks below to complete the final step of your cotton closet cleanse – by purchasing quality items that will excite your sense of style as well as satisfy your need to simplify. Cotton is a natural choice for your life and a great way to kick off your happy new year.   

If you’re doing the cotton closet cleanse, snap photos of your new and improved wardrobe and share them on Instagram or Twitter using #CottonFavorites!

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